Friday, November 14, 2008

Carlton Pearson First Jazz Concert at All Souls

How could we not go? A Friday night jazz concert at All Souls, Tulsa. The place was packed and there were guest performances we did not expect. Alto sax by Marquis, Wayman Tisdale and Hot Sauce who performs with Patti Labelle. It was fun.

And of course it came with messages.
Carlton sang a Stevie Wonder song or two. He said he knows him personally and he also sang John Lennon's Let it Be. Carlton's little girl also belted out a Beyonce song. It was beautiful and he looked like a proud daddy.

Let it Be and on to Let it Go
He said we have to learn to let go of things and people and jobs, stuff, and lots of other things. He is right. We must let things be. "Sometimes you gotta just let it go and let it be."

There was also an inspirational talk about "It's alright. It's OK. Hold your head up." That was in reference to Wayman Tisdale and his discovery and surprise that he had bone cancer after tripping down the stairs to get his wife a glass of water. He had played basketball for OU, the Olympics and pro ball as well. So what was he to do? The day before his leg was removed he just went fishing with his son. That made the most sense at such a moment of crisis. He has more inner strength than he ever realized and he makes beautiful music when he sings and plays jazz.

And then they talked and sang more jazz about Every thing must change. The young become the old. Yep it is looking like that.

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