Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Kilns for sale in Tulsa!

Kilns for Sale

*Paragon TNF series Electric Kiln. 27inches deep by 23 wide. Includes good quality shelving and posts. Updated paragon digital controller
$400 dollars (sold)

*Paragon 17 by 18 deep Electric Kiln with a manual controller. $100.00 (still for sale, may actually be a Skutt kiln)

Contact: Whitney Forsyth
631-3700 Work
746-0988 Home


  1. Linda, can you tell me if $2000 is a reasonable price to pay for a used Paragon 2008 TnF-24-3 kiln? I am considering buying one from a friend, but am unsure about her pricing...

  2. You could buy a brand new one from sheffield pottery fro $1618.00. Offer her $1000. You said this is a friend???