Sunday, November 9, 2008

Christmas Krap

Barbie Mariposa hits the target shelves. Barbie has been through a lot since I was a little girl. Yet, she keeps her girlish figure. Is she a butterfly migrating in Mexico as well?
A wonderful hot dog warmer
for only $44.99

OK-is this an age thing or a stuff thing? All my friends think we have enough or too much now.

John and I were having lunch at home this Sunday afternoon and there on the table are the Sunday ads from the local newspaper. I gravitate toward Target and Walgreens and sometimes Office Depot, searching basically for nothing or something I have not heard of and don't know I need or maybe toilet paper and paper towels coupons although I don't really buy them there. And then, John spots Gordman's. I know their lettering but I cannot remember where they are. Next to Target? Across from the Promenade? I don't know.
Anyway, John shows me the Gordman's add across the table and shows me the Christmas Krap they are selling and I felt my pulse begin to race. He says, "They are going to go bankrupt! Look at this crap from China." Oh it makes my heart sink.
What does a person from China think an all American Christmas snowman looks like? It looks cheap. Very very cheap and almost cute.

This kind of thing, added with a glass of wine, makes me wonder about the taste of American people. I hope people, if they spend less this year, will use discretion.

A potter I went to grad school with used to price his pots at Christmas according to how people purchased for relatives and friends. He said they had a group they looked for $15 gifts and then there was also the $35 relatives. His theory was they did not care what it was, just so they spent equal amounts of certain relatives.

I am working on gifts I hope people like this year. I will start my angels this week and I want to make candlesticks as well. I will make small ones for not so expensive gifts and a few large ones for that special person. I like the way we celebrate with candles.

I sold several leaf pots at the Garden Deva Show. I gathered the leaves to press into clay from the Katy Trail. I pressed leaves into bowls, plates and made leaf shaped plates as well. With encouragement from some students and made and sold several little tea bowls as well.

The next show for me is at All Souls Unitarian Church. I will show a few pots at the Christmas Casia Walk and then I will have a small open house at my shop. That with a few regular customers stopping by should keep me busy enough.

Please don't buy ugly useless crap from big box stores. Avoid Christmas Krap.

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