Sunday, November 23, 2008

Making Pottery for Christmas

Christmas has never been an easy laid back time for potters. Potters who want to make a living cannot play that role. I cannot even tell if it is easier this year. It is supposed to be.

Oh well, it is not a good time for a trip to Santa Fe. We wanted to go over Thanksgiving break but it did not work out for many reasons.

So, I worked in the quiet of the shop today, Sunday, and made angels, nativity scenes and worked on a fun piece for Karen Keith.

The pottery has been very cold the last few days (around 48 degrees) and I broke down and bought another space heater and went to work again. I want to hide in my shop the next couple of days and make a few more Christmas items. I really hope I can post photos on my blog for everyone to see soon.

Andy Rooney had an interesting TV message tonight about not passing by Thanksgiving for Christmas. My Christmas open house is planned for Dec 12 and 13. In our ever so commercial society that seems late. What is wrong with celebrating and shopping for Christmas right before Christmas?
My non-materialistic attitude does not pay at Christmas. I try and make fun stuff for people to give as gifts but I cannot make myself make expensive stuff just to sell I like to make lovely affordable utilitarian gifts.

So all of you who tell me you read my blog regularly, hang in there, and maybe I really will get photos for email shopping up soon!

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