Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving, a personal thank you

What do potter's say at Thanksgiving? "Oh no, how many days till Christmas?"

I am thankful for a lot of things. I am thankful that I don't think I have to eat turkey on thanksgiving and stuff myself.

My favorite memories of thanksgiving are hiking up Mt. LeConte in Tennessee with friends and having turkey sandwiches and wine in a backpack and setting at a picnic table on top of the mountain, surrounded by snow. After having our meal, we spent the rest of the day hiking back down the mountain. Our friend Lyn did this with us and she cannot do it again. She died a few years later of ovarian cancer. I miss her. She used to eat candy bars and drink cokes for breakfast and laugh about it. If I thought I might die soon I might do the same thing.

Another favorite was going to the tall grass prairie preserve in OK, again with a delicious light weight picnic and a small glass of white wine and listening to nothingness. We spotted a Native American lady sitting on the hood of her car playing a flute to the buffalo and asked her they liked her music. "No," she said, "But they are getting used to it. And watch out because they can go from zero to 35 in seconds. Don't get to close to them."

I don't like to watch parades on TV or eat too much or for that matter watch football on TV. I don't like processed corn syrup foods on Thanksgiving.

What I do like on Thanksgiving is planning to exercise, like a nice bike ride. I try and think about what I personally feel thankful for and there are a lot of answers to that. I am a very lucky person and I am grateful.

So I guess we will just all be thankful and leave it at that and eat turkey if you want to.

My thanksgiving grocery cart was unusual again and it contained:
4 pomegranates for fun,
French brie and snotty crackers
brussel sprouts even though no on else in my family will eat them
squash to make a sinful casserole
a big bag of potatoes for garlic mashed potatoes for Rachel
champagne because I love it
maraschino cherries to put with mint and lime in sparkling water
pork loin for John and Ian
and a half bushel of apples to play with.

Ok, I know it all sounds a bit weird together but it is spread out throughout the day. And, some grocery store will probably be open if it doesn't work out.

And then there is the pottery, I will go finish glazing and load the kiln so it can fire on Thanksgiving while I go for a bike ride.

And, I will be thankful to be there because we all know, Brookside Pottery could have disappeared this year. Our playhouse is still there and so many people come to play. Aren't we thankful?

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